Links For Families

Check out some of our favorite links for families:

The BEST resource for families is our brand new newsletter

Written by our co-founder, JoJo Tabares (Alias, Java Jo), this newsletter has TONS of grape information, tips and just plain fun to help and support families.  She puts all her years of experience into this mailing just for families like yours!

Monthly Top Ten lists, Fast Facts for Families, and Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo! 

In addition, there are weekly segments of family friendly humor and links for families in trial...and much more!  Check out all it has to offer!  


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Some resources for women:

Every Meno and Peri Woman who struggles with her hormones needs a good friend and here's your chance to connect with other women going through the same things.  Ask your questions and get some answers. Giggle and have fun...because the alternative isn't as much fun!  Join us on Facebook for
 Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause!



Lastly, if you've ever been caught hormonally unprepared for a sad movie, you'll love JoJo's Menopausal Movie Rating system!  Check out the list of movies she's already rated and email her to add to the list. Let's help each other to be emotionally prepared to view a movie whether it's a Giggler or something that's Spousal Guidance Suggested!