Grape Stuff Family of Sites

Grape Stuff, LLC has "GRAPE" stuff for you and your family! 

We started off with one website about 15 years ago offering homeschool speech communication materials, but we have grown into a family of sites that offer both educational materials, physical products and even support for families in trial.  

Here is a listing of our websites and what they offer your family: 


Art of Eloquence offers educational materials teaching various speech communication topics from speech and debate to overcoming shyness, conflict resolution,as well as offering homeschool materials.  There are a lot of free articles there, but the blog isn't updated but once a month or so.  You can, however, find daily fun and insightful posts over on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page



MugXpressions offers a new line of coffee mugs sold exclusively on Amazon with our co-founder, JoJo Tabares', funny sayings on them called JoJoisms. There you'll find monthly blog posts called The Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo!

Life Beyond Surviving offers support for families in trial, especially long term chronic illness and financial issues. Be sure to check out the weekly blog article and don't forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter!

JoJoisms is a site devoted to the funny and sometimes profound sayings written over the years by our co-founder, JoJo Tabares.  

For the Love of Purple is a site JoJo had created to share her love of purple and purple projects, but she has not had much time to post there, she does post daily purple things on the For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page.